Monday, December 22, 2008

Holy Matzo Balls it's C-O-L-D!

So I know that most everyone who is reading this blog is from, or at least near, Kansas. Obviously you know how insano cold it is here right now right? I know what you're saying, you say "You have lived here all your life. You should be used to it by now so stop being a wuss! Everyone else is dealing with it." By all accounts you are quite right, I should be used to it! Well let me explain to you how cold it is to me.

If I had the choice between feeling this cold and having a few toes amputated I would strongly consider the latter. After all, I can't feel my toes anyway... It's so cold here that even my 4 layers of coats and sweaters isn't enough. It's so cold here it makes me want to punch a penguin in the face! Does that sound... wait for it... cold?? If I had my way I would seriously hibernate in my apartment until the air temperature had stayed steady at 65 or higher for a minimum for 3 weeks. Granted, half the time it is 70 in the middle of January here and then it hits -9000 the next day!

On another note my idea to get thoughtful and unique gifts has not turned out quite as well as I had wanted... Looks like another round of gift cards and crappy not-so-awesomes for all of those loved ones! Time keeps flying by and every year I look up to see that it is the 23rd and then Christmas has come and gone in no time flat. I distinctly remember the Christmas season taking every bit of eternity. Anticipation is one thing, but can that really account for all of it? I am chalking most of it up to not stopping and actually enjoying the holiday season. I must find a remedy for this, as I recall this being my favorite time of the year for some reason or another...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! You deserve to take a break from the so called "real life" and enjoy being a gluttonous, slothfull bag of Christmas cheer!


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