Saturday, April 25, 2009

Well I never!

Welcome back everyone! (Those of you who still check this) Today I have a very special update to bring you. Could you ever guess that something beyond my control has been able to feed my morbid and somewhat disgusting fascination with SPAM? Well lucky you! Today the not so well known Waikiki SPAM Jam was celebrated. When they call it a "Jam" they really mean "block party" or "whatever you call something big enough to shut down the busiest street in town". Don't believe me? Maybe this will help you picture it:

Yes ladies and gents, they shut down the entire street for 2+ blocks for SPAM! But what, you may ask, is entailed in said "SPAM Jam"?? Well basically half of the street was booths for restaurants selling their exotic SPAM recipes while the other half was full of street vendors selling pretty much the same Hawaiian crafts you find just about everywhere here.

Oh and concert stages...

There were two of these, one on each end of the street. While this one was rotating Hula dancers, the other was playing live cover bands playing material that is older than me. Joy! I will say that the reggae island rendition of Hotel California wasn't quite as impressive as the musicians seemed to think it was.

Now, you are probably thinking that this was some sort of low key event that simply blew through unnoticed. Au contraire!

This was an event to rival the infamous Pro Bowl block party! Yes, they did a very similar event for the Pro Bowl. I was working that night so I had no chance to document it, but rest assured, I would have ridiculed it much more than the SPAM Jam...

Now that I have introduced you to what passes for an excuse to have a huge shut-down-the-streets party, I will give you a look at the culinary "treats" that I endured tonight. First off, Mango BBQ SPAM Sliders!

These were basically thin strips of Spam with some onion rings and mango bbq sauce. These were also about the size of a typical slider. Tasty, but probably not worth the $6...

So after feeling fairly unsatisfied with my first course, I decided to shop around a little and find something more worth my cash.

BEHOLD, Volcano Nachos with SPAM Chili!!

If this wasn't a heap of food for the same $6 I'm not sure what would be! Can you see this alright? It is indeed nacho chips smothered in SPAM black bean chili, topped with pico, sour cream, and fresh guacamole. Good Lord I am full!

Now that I have had approximately 4 1/2 days worth of salt and fat I should probably find some vitamins or something to balance myself out a bit.

Come back soon y'all, I have a dish I am calling "Purple Chicken" that I am dying to share!