Friday, December 5, 2008

A daunting realization

I am sitting at PT's hanging out on my day off and I am suddenly struck with the knowledge that Jan. 5th is coming faster that I had thought! I usually don't look at calendars much, and I think I know why. Christmas is only two weeks away, then New Years, then I'm gone... I guess it's time to get packing and finish sorting through all of my crap.

This makes me think to myself: "What do I have?" "Is there anything I need to bring that is a significant representation of myself?" Probably not. I just have a bunch of clothes and books. Not that my possessions should define me, but I mean it seems a bit sad.

Eh, enough self analysis. I have never been very good at buying Christmas gifts ahead of time, but this year I am wanting to get thoughtful gifts as well as saving money. Unfortunately this means that I actually have to start getting a handle on these gifts now as opposed to Christmas eve. Sooo now I have even more to mess with than before! Any suggestions? Time to scramble...

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