Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hawaii is such a crazy place

I know everyone is jealous of me being here. Quite honestly I don't blame you. However, before you go and sell all of your stuff and hop a plane out here there are a few things you should know:

1. Honolulu is pretty polluted. That's right, lots of buses spewing out smoke and crap. It is also an interesting fact that as beautiful as this place is and as much as people seem to want to preserve the beauty here (lets face it, the tourism is what keeps this place going), there is very little as far as recycling is concerned. I think that Kansas actually had a better recycling program!

2. Your typical customer service here is pretty bad. Yes, if you stay at some high end hotel here and shell out tons of cash you will probably get some pretty great service. Unfortunately for the rest of us who are merely going to pay 15 bucks for a moderately crappy hamburger the typical service is more like a nuisance to our waiter. Not that everyone here is lazy, just most of the transplants from the mainland seem that way so far. I don't really understand how people get to keep their jobs AND make tips at these places.

3. Hawaiians have some crazy tie to all of those cliche things you have always heard about. I never in my life thought I would walk past a couple of guys deep in conversation at 6:30AM reminiscing about how it was when Don Ho was here. And my God, don't you dare say something bad about the Duke! You might get lynched! I know Don Ho didn't die that long ago, but it just seems so odd to me. Like the world was a better place when he was here....

4. Spam is like a food group here. I swear I have seen about 8 or 9 different types of Spam here so far. There is Spam with bacon (I have a can and will let you know how it is), tabasco, cheese, low-fat, low sodium, regular, and with onion just off the top of my head! I honestly never knew there was a market for the stuff, but that just shows you what I know.

I hope you like my pointers on what to expect when you come to Hawaii some day. Keep in mind that this isn't really a rant, but simply a few things that most people would never expect when they come here.


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OldManAndDaSee said...

Not a bad gig...and speaking of SPAM-like foods, here is a tasty link to the Bacon Explosion

Ahhh Bacon - the other food group.