Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The adventure begins!

Here I am, sitting in Waikiki. I arrived at 3pm yesterday and my first impression was "Holy Crap this place is gorgeous!!" After spending the evening watching the sun set over the ocean with a maitai in hand I realized that this might be one of the coolest places I have been.

So, first impression, pretty incredible. Since I am 4 hours behind what I am used to I naturally woke up at 5 in the morning and couldn't get back to sleep. What do I do? Walk across the street to the coffee shop, get an "oat cake" and a double espresso and go for a jog. If you have never gone for a jog in the morning with the ocean to your right and the sun rising over the mountains to your left before while the cool morning air invigorates you, I HIGHLY suggest that you try it. I am obviously romanticizing this place quite a bit, but it certainly does feel a bit like paradise.

On that note, I came to a realization last night (or this morning, everything is a blur so far). This is a place where people DREAM of going. This is a place where people save thousands of dollars just to come for a week. This is a place that so many people find to be the ideal, and I am living here! My life is going to be so different from what I had in Kansas that it is a little scary. I have to remember that every time I have seen one of those stupid hula girls on someone's dash board or cubicle desk, they only get to fantasize about the place that I am seeing every day. Definitely going to need to work on my appreciation factor out here.

Now for a more pressing matter, should I go to the pool?

Or should I walk the extra 100 yards to the ocean? ;D


Holly said...


looks awesome :)

Any luck on a place yet?

Nate said...

"a double espresso and go for a jog"

Is that healthy!?! I mean... I know the jog is, and espresso can be argued either way. But together? Don't make your heart a'splode in paradise!

Ignore the pool. Beach, beach, beach! Most likely the pool isn't heated and rather cold anyways.

And get some pancakes at Wailana Coffee House. It should be darned close to where you're staying. They're cheap, like $6.50 all you can eat, and the coconut syrup is delicious!

Ah, this is classic. The phrase I have to type to verify I'm a human is "Brewit". How fitting. Brew it indeed, Petus!

Heather said...

I am so jealous right now. But at least we know that if any of us decides to go to Hawaii, we can crash at your place....right Pete?

Oh, and do the Ocean first and the pool second then you can wash all the salt & sand off in the chlorine.


OldManAndDaSee said...

Never forget your roots in the hard, rock-strewn, clay of the great midwest as you sit on the beach sipping MaiTais and smoking BACON!!!

Hope you can find your way to the old homestead occassionally.

maryel said...

Sand,surf,coffee...what else could you possibly need in life? Oh, yeah, one other small but necessary item...money! :)

Don't forget to leave us your address so we can harass you - I mean, send you stuff :).


Anonymous said...

Nice view bro! Living and working in paradise has to be nice. That hotel across the way is the best in Waikiki, so you are in the best spot. Time to learn to surf!