Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Give me a pen and I will write you a witty title

I suppose it has been a little while since my last post. Now, before you think that I have been basking in the sun, sipping a refreshing beverage, and enjoying an ocean breeze whilst neglecting my loyal readers, the truth is far less romantic. Yes, in fact there are all of those little things that get in the way of the fun such as being broke and still really settling in. I have been a little homesick and been trying to really feel comfortable by myself. Finances are always a concern especially when moving like this so I have been limiting my activities a bit in the fear of overspending.

One thing that comes from a considerably limited budget is getting creative with food. I present to you:

SPAM with BACON!!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly, what could make Spam palatable better than bacon? I know you are wondering what kind of a weirdo I am to be eating unidentifiable meat from a can. Remember that whole thing about limited spending? Yeah, that is a big part of it. The other part is seriously morbid curiosity! The verdict? It actually tastes more like bacon than Spam! Curious of my culinary exploits with this tasty bacon-flavored mystery meat? I present to you the Spam(with bacon), tomato, ranch open faced sandwich!

My official conclusion is this: Spam(with bacon) is pretty stinkin tasty. I DO NOT recommend eating an open faced sandwich with ranch and tomato, and quite honestly one of those slices up there is more than enough for one sitting. Experiment with this "food product" carefully; consume it wisely. You may also want to buy a box of Alka Seltzer while you are out procuring the Spam(with bacon). I did find that chopping up one of those slices and incorporating it in a nice big pile of fried rice turned out to be pretty tasty though!

Enough about Spam(with bacon). Work has been draining me quite a bit lately with training, working a really busy bar, and lots of PHOTO SHOOTS!!!!! That's right, yours truly has been getting some press in a couple of Japanese magazines as well as some air time on the local news! It is amazing what a good PR person can do. If you would like to see my short little clip that aired on the evening news tonight you can see it at: So it's really not anything crazy but hey, I'm on TV ma!

I have been hearing you all have had a few days of really nice weather out there, so don't sit there are complain about how I get all this great weather... There was a freakin TORNADO on the island today!!!! Take that :P

Love to the ladies and totally manly high fives to the dudes,


Jacob said...

If you woulda made something like that back here, I might have actually drank coffee instead of smoothies.

OldManAndDaSee said...


My cholesterol went up 50 points just reading about 'Baconated' SPAM.

Nate said...

" looks to pretty"

Seriously, from a professional journalist? Poor, poor English language.

How often are you able to flex your Japanese linguistic muscle? Is it helping out with the job? I bet you've had some surprised tourist when you break into their native tongue!

Anonymous said...

Man, that whole quote was grammatically just wrong...